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Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Bathrooms for Kids

18 June 2019

One of the great things about building a home with Kaplan is the ability to customise the design you choose … Read More


Getting the Kids Involved In your Home Build

04 June 2019

It’s time to start the construction of your brand-new luxury Kaplan home (yay!) but it’s not all sunshine and daisies, … Read More

Custom Build

Have you Considered a Knock Down Rebuild?

21 May 2019

What exactly is a knock down rebuild you ask? Pretty much exactly what it sounds like, a knock down rebuild … Read More


What exactly is Hygge and how can you achieve more of it in your life at home?

07 May 2019

It is easy to get down in the dumps in winter, longing for the warmer months. People, especially Sydney Australians … Read More

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The Biggest New Home Design Trends of 2019

23 April 2019

We are currently seeing quite the shift in home design for 2019, while the sleek Scandinavian, white and light style … Read More

Custom Build

Just How Much Value Can Landscaping Really Add to Your Home?

02 April 2019

Landscaping is comprised of any activity that alters any area of land. Some call it gardening, others know it’s more … Read More

Custom Build

Home and Land Catalogue

14 March 2019

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!   Kaplan Homes have just released the latest home and land catalogue, get all the … Read More

Custom Build

Run Don’t Walk into the Brand-New Kaplan Showroom Today

13 March 2019

Deciding on the final touches of your freshly built luxury home can be the hardest as well as the most … Read More

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