Kaplan Homes Big 4 Guarantees

How Kaplan’s Big 4 Guarantees Protect You

Lifetime Structural Guarantee

We’ve got such a good record and we’re so confident of our work that the structural integrity of our houses are guaranteed for life. Our Lifetime Structural Guarantee secures your peace of mind so you are never worried about OR at risk of being stuck with costly structural defects.

Full Refund of Commencement Fee Guarantee

Our full commencement fee refund means you have nothing to lose by choosing Kaplan, you’re sure to benefit or you can choose to walk away without loss of money. If we fail to deliver what we promised at the time your building agreement is due to be finalised, you simply point that out to us and we’ll provide you with a full refund. This means if we try to charge you more money with hidden costs or don’t draw the plans we initially agreed to in the time frames we promised, you get your money back.

Two Year Capped Amount Guarantee

Our Two Year Capped Amount Guarantee protects you from cost increases that all other builders charge if your land registration is delayed or your lender or finance is slow and many other reasons out of your control. Terms and conditions apply.

$1000 Per Week Build Time Guarantee

Our $1000 Per Week Build Time Guarantee protects you from costly delay charges if we were ever to be late. It covers rent and your home loan if there were to be delays in construction. That’s right – if we do not build your house in the time we agreed to then we’ll pay you $1000 for every week that we are late. We are super confident in our build times.

KAPLAN New Homes Building Grant HomeBuilder

Terms & Conditions: This $10,000 New Home Building Grant (The Grant) is strictly & only available to Kaplan Homes customers that have initial formal quotes from Kaplan Homes dated on or after 1st June 2020. The Land for the building agreement and being built on must be already registered prior to 1/6/2020 or registering with the NSW Land Registry Services between 1/06/2020 & 30/06/2021. The New Home Grant is only available for a strictly limited time and is additional to any other grant customers receive from the NSW or Federal Governments. The Grant will only be paid to the nominated bank account of the customer’s name listed on the building agreement with Kaplan. The Grant will be paid within two weeks of payment being received and cleared by Kaplan for the concrete slab stage progress payment after the concrete slab is poured. The customer may withdraw the $10,000 grant from their bank account and use it as they please. The Grant does not apply if a building agreement is not entered into within 5 weeks of the initial commencement fee being paid. The Grant is not available as a credit on the quote and will not appear on the building agreement. The Grant is not exchangeable for any other item. This Grant certificate must be completed with at least one customer name matching the building agreement and the bsb & bank account number clearly written on this certificate for the payment to be made. Only one Grant is available for one Building Agreement per customer. Dual occupancies, dual living and granny flats do not receive an additional Grant, only one main residence qualifies for The Grant. The customer may withdraw the $10,000 Grant from their bank account once it is paid by Kaplan and use it as they please. The Grant becomes null & void and will not be paid if these terms here are not achieved or adhered to.
This offer does not apply to previous or current customers. This offer cannot be added to or be included as additional to any other existing promotions or free offers already made.