Our building time frames are 26 weeks for a single storey and 30 weeks for double storey. There is also a period of 8 to 12 weeks prior to construction starting where the council & certifier approvals process takes place, this period is also utilised for customers to finalise their bank loans.

We provide a free quotation with up to two revisions.

There is a $6,000 commencement fee that locks in your price and enables us to draw your plans and order the relevant land surveys. This $6,000 later forms part of a 5% deposit that is required at the time of signing contracts.

Kaplan do not have tricky fine print or hidden and unknown charges. We quote all items that are required for us to build the home you select and we cap the price. We also clearly describe and advise of any items that are not included that are relevant to you or your home construction. Many builders will try to charge extra unknown and undetermined fees to their customers in the thousands of dollars after they have signed contracts. These are for essential items like removing excess excavated soils after excavating the site and after drilling piers or digging plumbing trenches, they can charge for additional concrete slab engineering or additional pier drilling as well. We include all of that and more in the quote we provide.

We say capped price because many builders are now abusing the term fixed price by fixing the price only to a certain extent. They use tricks like stating “fixed price site costs” on their quote and then in fine print they make restrictions by limitation to how many metres of concrete piering or what type of slab class design they will do or how many tonnes of excess soil they will remove from site. We say capped because we cap the price and not the work. The work still must be done to make the home meet the engineering standards therefore they will charge you additional and exorbitant fees to do that essential work knowing that you must pay the fee to complete the home.

Yes, we allow all sorts of changes so long as they are buildable and compliant with regulations, you can make your home bigger or smaller, keep the same size and move walls and doors or simply swap room locations. We love our designs and have designed them to be feasible, practical, furnishable and great value for money but we also understand and respect that our customers all have differing needs and requirements and therefore we allow them to make changes.

CDC stands for Complying Development Certificate and it is an alternative certificate of approval to build a new home via NSW State Legislation instead of your local council rules. If your land is eligible for this type of approval like most land in new subdivision estates, the approval to build process can often be completed within about three weeks if the design complies with all the rules and regulations of the state legislation. It is generally a private certifier that will asses the building plans and advise of any changes they may require before issuing the approval. CDC rules are the same throughout the state of NSW and although now also becoming complex, they generally remain consistent, so if you are building in Marsden Park north west of Sydney the same rules apply to land in Gledswood Hills on the south west area of Sydney and in a different council area.

DA stands for Development Application. For housing it is the approval to develop a specific design on a block of land via submitting an application to council for the design. This process can take between two months and twelve months or more depending on which council and town planner is assessing the DA and how busy they are as well as all the local councils own set of rules and regulations for building within your specific street and area. Every council has a different set of rules to each other and they even have differing rules between streets and suburbs in their own council areas. If the development application if approved, then there is still a construction certificate to be applied for that provides approval for the technical aspects and specifications of the building.

Kaplan will manage this process and the cost is included within the quote. Kaplan Homes will identify the best method that suits your home design and submit an application to either council for a DA or a private certifier for CDC approval. DA is only applied for when the home design does not comply with CDC. Some special projects like duplexes, dual occupancies and or difficult councils will require additional fees and works, Kaplan will always include or advise of these possibilities upfront on the quotation so there are no hidden costs.

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