Peace, harmony and balance, who wouldn’t want all of those things in their new Kaplan home? Fung Shui aims to boost the positive flow of energy in your home, creating a sense of calm and positivity. More of a philosophy for living rather than a design style, Feng Shui is centred around generating good health and good fortune while at the same time expelling negative forces that may be lingering.


Basic Fung Shui principles


  • De clutter. Focus on clean, clear spaces with an emphasis on form and function. There should be no obstacles in your way.


  • Your feet should never face the door when you are in bed. When they do, it is known as the death position. You should be able to see the door without your feet directly pointing towards it.


  • Your bed should be firmly up against a wall.


  • Your bed should be balanced, in the centre of the wall with a bedside table on each side, symmetry is a key component of Fung Shui.


  • Embrace nature. Plants, natural light and air quality are important.


  • No electricity in the bedroom.


  • Furniture should be conducive to conversation. For instance, having one chair in a room is not conducive to conversation.


  • Be mindful, everything in your home should have a meaning and a purpose.


  • Neutral tones and natural elements create calm and aim to increase the flow of energy in the room.


  • Keep the path to the front door clear


  • Balance your work stations, primarily in the kitchen.


If embracing Feng Shui seems a little overwhelming, don’t fret, you by no means have to go all in.  What’s great about Fung Shui is that simply incorporating small elements over time can have an extraordinary impact on your life, so take your time and go with what works. Embracing Feng Shui principles in your new Kaplan home can only maximise the space and assist you in getting the most out of your home life.

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