Answer: It really depends on where you’re planning to build.

Many new estates have specific lot sizes and/or regulations that the new homes to be built there must comply with and home builders who have display homes in that estate will have built their displays in accordance to the requirements of that particular estate and area.

So if you are interested in building a home in a specific estate or new development area, then we highly recommend you to seek out and visit the display homes in that area or close by. The staff in those display homes will also know if any specific requirements apply and if so, which designs best suit your needs and will also comply with the estate’s rules.


Why visit a display home?

When embarking on a new home building journey, one of the best ways to find out what you would like in your dream home is to explore a range of display centres and display homes in Sydney. Kaplan’s display homes are the perfect way to view all our luxury features, high-quality fixtures and finishes. How a certain colour looks to you and how a texture feels to you can only be experienced in person, colours can look quite different online compared to seeing them in real life and then again, sensations are subjective and everyone experiences these things differently. Only by visiting in person can you really find out if that colour and texture speaks to you.

Similarly, you can spend hours poring over floor plans and taking virtual tours to get a feel of the layout of a particular design, but nothing beats visiting a display home in person to really get a sense of the house and how its spaces connect and interact. All of Kaplan’s display homes and floor plans are built to scale and drawn to scale in order to fit actual sized furniture. If a large screen TV is on the floor plan with a big L-shaped lounge facing it, then you can be sure that the home will actually fit those when its built. Some builders do not draw their furniture to scale and the poor customers only realise after completion that their planned furniture layout has no chance of fitting into the room as they planned. They end up with rooms much smaller than they though because they were tricked by the deceptive furniture scaling on the floor plans.

Builders often go all out to put the best features in to their display homes to wow and dazzle potential customers and we’re no different 🙂  However with Kaplan, the same tradespeople who’ve built our display homes are the same ones who are building homes for our customers. When you build with Kaplan, you can be sure that you are getting the same level of quality craftmanship that is showcased in our display homes. Some builders will use their best people (or subcontract out to artisan trades) for their displays but then employ inexperienced and cheaper tradies to build their customers actual homes. Its the old bait and switch and it unfortunately is a tried and true technique for these dishonest builders.

With decades of experience in understanding our clients’ needs, our display homes have a variety of single storey, double storey, dual living and corner block homes displayed in locations all around Greater Western Sydney. Our building consultants are highly knowledgeable and will be able to help you find the home design that’s perfect for your needs and your location. See Our Locations here to find the best display home in Sydney near you. There’s exciting times ahead – we’ve got new display homes that are due to open up this year in Box Hill, Smeaton Grange, Menangle Park and Leppington so you can experience more designs and see even more of what Kaplan Homes can do for your future dream home!


Do I need to make an appointment to visit your display homes?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have a strictly limited capacity for visitors to our Display Homes. Booking an appointment is strongly encouraged but not always necessary, a quick call to check before you head over will be perfectly fine to avoid disappointment.


Thinking of buying a display home in Sydney?

We often get asked the question can you buy a display home? Absolutely you can buy a display home. Our display homes in Sydney are built for the purpose of displaying what your dream home can look like. However, you may just fall in love with that specific display home and location and why wouldn’t you? Our display homes in Sydney are built in prime real estate growth areas with the plan of that luxury display home becoming someone’s dream home one day. They showcase our award-winning home designs that are built to cater for every individual need that a person or family might have. Our exclusive 7 Star Luxury Inclusions are so far ahead of what other builders offer so it’s quite possible you will fall in love with the actual display you see. We also offer our BIG 4 Guarantees on our display homes so rest assured you can have peace of mind with a Lifetime Structural Guarantee. If you are not in any rush to build this could certainly be an option and our display homes do get sold every now and then and become suburban family homes. Speak with our team for more information on any of our luxury display homes in Sydney that interest you.


Are display homes cheaper to buy?

This really does depend on the builder you choose to buy from. We often have promotions running that will be discussed during a consultation if you are interested in any of our luxury display homes. If you are visiting our display homes in Sydney and you fall in love with the one you see, feel free to discuss that with our team on the day or email our friendly team.


Can display homes be a good investment?

Buying one of our display homes in Sydney can certainly be a great investment. We can make arrangements where you purchase the home but we continue to use it as a display home and rent it from you. From an agreed date the home would be yours to move in to or continue to rent as an investment property. This arrangement will give you an instant rental income until you are ready to move into your home. The benefit of investing in a display home is that you will have the very best of everything a home could offer luxury finishes, styles, upholstery, appliances all ready for you to make your dream home a reality. Finally, when purchasing a display home there’s no anticipation of waiting to see your new home being built – it’s literally ready to go.

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