You’ve thought long and hard and weighed up the pros and cons between building a new home versus buying an existing one. In the end you’ve opted to build your own – you want to be able to express your unique needs and wants and custom design your space to perfectly suit you and your family. You’ve done your research and chosen a reputable new home builder. Now where do you start when it comes to getting inspiration and designing your own home?

Building your own home should be an exciting time when you get to plan and envisage your dream living space, but with the endless styles and design options to choose from it can get overwhelming. Sometimes too much choice can cause the equivalent of writer’s block when it comes to home designs – are you stylish and sleek or rustic and shabby chic? If you are drowning in too much design choice then there are some tried and true approaches that can help you to clarify your wants and needs and allow you to really enjoy this creative process. To help you navigate your way through the wonderful (and sometimes overwhelming) world of new home design we’ve put together a few tips below.

  1. Pinterest

A vision or mood board is a great way to create a visual representation of your design style and can really get the creative juices flowing! Magazines are an old school way of sourcing ideas but why not try social media to get the edge when sourcing styles you would love to use in your own home? Pinterest can offer so much more in terms of scope and unlike magazines its free! You can find pretty much anything online on this platform, and Pinterest has the added benefit of being able to create your own boards under different categories like bathroom, bedroom or landscaping to help keep ideas organised. Just use the search function to narrow down your options and get pinning!

  1. Display Homes

Display homes can be a real treasure trove of ideas for design inspiration and it’s a sensory experience the whole family can enjoy. You get to walk through an inspiring space and browse room to room to get a feel for the possibilities and options. Professional designers have put in a lot of effort into these display homes to create beautiful living spaces that flow into one another and are practical for modern living. Whether it’s the clever lighting or the creative use of floor plans to transition from one living space to another, you’ll pick up a ton of design ideas. You’ll also have the added benefit of having experienced people on hand to answer your questions about the design process.

  1. New Home Builders’ Showrooms

Showrooms will have the latest and most innovative finishes, appliances and fixtures available and unlike sourcing through magazines or social media you will be able to experience the workmanship and sensory qualities firsthand. The showroom will often have an interior designer on site to consult about your own individual style and wants. This expert advice can really to bring your project together and your design vision to life. With insight into every aspect of the home design and build, they can also save you a lot of time and money by suggesting more efficient and cost-effective options to achieve the same outcome.

So before you start locking in a design style for your new home, make sure you spend some time exploring your options and being inspired by all the resources that are available. Most of all have fun, be creative and always keep in mind such things as maintenance and cleaning, which are important but often overlooked in the excitement. That glossy benchtop and splashback looks great but will you have the time and energy to keep them spotless every day? The novelty of a fantastic looking feature will wear off quickly if practical things are not fully considered. Take note of the current trends but don’t be feel you have to follow them. You want a home that will be comfortable for years and years so don’t be afraid pursuing those ideas and features that you love but are not on trend. That way you’ll be assured of creating a home that’s a unique expression of you and your family. Make use of all the available resources and advice and you can have that beautiful and functional new home.

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