You’re finally at the end of the exciting journey of building your very own new home. It’s just as you imagined all those moons ago when you visited your very first display home and you are now officially one of Sydney’s high achievers! Congratulations!


Now it’s time to tackle the least exciting aspect of this process, the dreaded move. There’s no sugar coating it, moving can be a real drag. Domain recently quoted that 61% of adults find the prospect of moving houses more stressful than a divorce (or the cause of one)! That’s why the team at Kaplan have put together a helpful list of tips to make this unavoidable transition as painless as possible.


1.Find your inner Marie Kondo and get culling

Before you even start the packing up process make sure you’re not bringing into your new space rarely used and unloved items a.k.a. clutter! If you are like the majority of Australians its highly likely you have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years, and chances are half of it has been lying around untouched gathering dust for eons. So be ruthless and toss, sell or donate all of those unloved items that aren’t “sparking joy”. If you are a secret hoarder and can’t bear the thought of parting with your rarely used belongings then consider storing them in a local storage room, there are a myriad of affordable options to choose from in Sydney. Ultimately this culling process will save you a ton of time on the day of your move and by not having to move unnecessary items you will also ensure your new home is only filled with the new items you love and will use.


2. Hire a babysitter

This is where hiring a sitter (or calling in a favour from your mother in law) can really be a stress saver. Kids quickly tire and bore, house moving can be an exhausting experience in itself without the added stress of tired children. You will be much more efficient and focussed without the hassle of children (same goes for pets) and you won’t have to worry about any potential safety hazards so you can get on with the move.


3. Organise your packing

Get out your marker and get labelling! An illegible scrawl on the side of your boxes stuffed with items from multiple rooms and locations just won’t cut the mustard when it comes to the big move. Locating your household items quickly and easily is going to save you a lot of headache when it comes to unpacking. You will need an organised logical system of packing and labelling to ensure you are not trawling through boxes trying to find that one item you need now! Don’t mix up items from different rooms or locations and pack items that are used rarely or infrequently together. Also, best not to pack liquids together with fabrics or other valuables to avoid the risk of spillage and the ruin of your latest designer outfit! Another great packing hack is to put together a small “essentials moving bag” that has all those things you just can’t live without for your first night in your new home. That way you are not digging through boxes at midnight searching for that toothbrush or your espresso plunger on that first morning in your new kitchen!


  4. Outsource!

For those who break out into a cold sweat just thinking about the move why not outsource part or all of this process to the professionals?  Even though there is an obvious added expense to this one, like the babysitter it could be the difference between an enjoyable move and one fraught with stress and is well worth the cost! There are some great moving companies in Sydney who handle the process from woe to go, from booking the removalist through to organising, packing and unpacking boxes. They’re experts at handling fragile items and ensuring all your valuable items are delivered safely and painlessly into your rooms in your new home. If this is an added expense that you don’t need then a more cost effective helping hand would be to just book a removalist.  This leaves all the heavy lifting with the experts and leaves you free to enjoy a coffee in your new neighbourhood.


If you want to arrive in your new home stress-free (trust us it’s possible) follow the above moving hacks and you’ll be settled in no time. Now you can rest easy and set yourself up without the blood, sweat and tears, leaving you time to crack open the bubbly and celebrate your arrival!

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