It’s long been the dream of Australians to own their home and it’s synonymous with having a better life, security and success. In saying that the priorities of Australians, especially Sydney siders, has shifted over the years. We are no longer satisfied with just owning a home on a quarter acre block with a Hills Hoist in the backyard and are more interested in having a fulfilling lifestyle. Australians are looking to live in an area that’s well connected in a vibrant community, close to good schools, shops, cafes and also access to green open spaces and nature. In their homes they want those little luxuries that really make a haven like skylights, home security, an inbuilt home music system, walk in wardrobes, master bedroom with an ensuite and an intercom. With rising property prices, especially in a major city like Sydney, this dream can seem out of reach to the average Australian, however there are affordable options available that can tick all the right boxes when it comes to luxury living.

Choose a Home and Land Package

There are real savings to be made when you choose to purchase a home and land package over buying an existing home. Buying and then having to renovate a home can be fraught with hidden expenses that you were unaware of until moving you start the work. Dodgy plumbing, terrible insulation and faulty wiring isn’t always obvious when making a house inspection and these essential fixes can really add dollars to your overall budget for a new home. In contrast the upfront fixed fee of a house and land package can offer real peace of mind. All your necessities for living are covered and there are no nasty surprises when you move in (if you have a good builder). There’s also savings to be found with stamp duty with a house and land package as you only pay for the stamp duty on the land, not on the house and land as with an existing home buy.

Choose one of Sydney’s New Estates or New Communities in Sydney’s Outer West

Australians have always had a certain obsession with living close to the beach but there has been a notable shift to the outer West in recent years. Marsden Park, Edmondson Park, Gledswood Hills, Carnes Hill, Austral, North Kellyville and Box Hill are all hot spots on the radar of wannabe new home owners and for good reason. These up and coming suburbs are offering all the lifestyle options of Sydney’s slick and trendy inner suburbs. Building in these new areas will give you access to leisure centres, parks and open green space. You’ll have access to good schools, cafes, shopping centres, child care, gyms, libraries, public transport and all the amenities available to cater for your lifestyle. These new areas offer the opportunity to be able to enter the housing market at an affordable price point, that’s a very attractive option for young couples wanting to move out of their rental and buy their first home in a vibrant and dynamic area.

Choose a Home Builder that has a No More to Pay Policy and a Generous Inclusions List

When it comes to building your own home, choosing the right builder can make the difference between being able to have all those luxury home items on your wish list and having to skimp on your dream home. Often builders have hidden costs so it’s important to do your homework before choosing who you will hand over your hard-earned cash to. A builder with a No More to Pay Policy where your quote is capped for a certain fixed period will give you the peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to deal with any costly surprises by getting caught out and paying more than you budgeted for. It’s worth remembering not all builders’ lists of inclusions are equal, make sure you research what’s included in your standard quote and what is a costly add on. The more inclusions the better, that means you can have that LED mood lighting AND those sleek Liana designer door handles without blowing out the budget.

There are still some great, affordable new home options available to Sydney siders and there’s no need to skimp on luxury home features. By doing your homework and choosing the right builder and suburb you can find real value for money. So the good news is by building your own home on your own block of land or purchasing a home and land package YOU CAN have your cake and eat it too!

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