Have you thought about merging your indoor and outdoor spaces?

One major design trend that has been gaining popularity for years is the merger of indoor and outdoor spaces, an entertainer’s dream, it’s the ideal summer situation and extremely aesthetically pleasing to top it all off, what’s not to love.

Taking open plan living one step further, Kaplan Homes are experts in this area having designed many homes that feature that seamless connection between outside and in, through wall to ceiling sliding doors and windows, these are spaces that take your breath away, making a space feel so much larger and full of life. Just think, parents in the kitchen, kids in the pool and nothing in-between to obstruct the view, it is convenient and stylish while at the same time optimising the feeling of being outside, whilst not necessarily being outside, during those beautiful summer months.

Not just a summer trend either, having copious amounts of natural light shine through your home all year round not only looks amazing it is proven to make you feel amazing too, lifting your mood and increasing overall happiness levels in the home. As more and more people spend hours attached to a screen all day, incorporating elements of the outdoors is a great way to counteract the sluggish feeling that can wash over you after your 5thhour of binging the latest Netflix show (no judgment, we all do it).

If you’re thinking it may be time to build your dream home and are interested in learning more about what merging your indoor and outdoor spaces may entail, give Kaplan Homes a call today and one of our experienced team members will answer all your questions and help assist you in building your dream home.

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