While some classic interior home designs never go out of style, each and every new year we see fresh ideas and trends that can really make your new home shine. Seeing as 2020 is just around the corner (Eeek! Can you believe it!) we thought we would gaze into our crystal ball and make a few predictions of our own about some of the up and coming design trends for the new year. The addition of the below trends to your new home can really transfer a space from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ and will ensure you will be on the cutting edge for interior home design.

1 . Timber wall or ceiling panelling > We admit this feature has already made an appearance in the home interior design world, however we‘ve still included it on our 2020 trends list because this feature is getting hotter and even more popular as we approach the new year. This can be put down to the fact that this is a relatively cost effective and simple way to really change the feel of a room. By providing texture and movement with its linear slat-work this feature can really help create a contemporary beach house feel especially if painted a bright white and paired with blue nautical accessories. Adding timber panelling to just one feature wall in any given room can really give the space that extra wow factor, perfect for substituting a bedhead in a master bedroom, or providing texture to a large living room wall.

2 . Brass fittings and fixtures > 2019 was all about metallics, copper being the hero. For those not a fan of this metal, black tapware was the go to for creating a sleek contemporary interior. 2020 sees a shift to the warm gold hues of brass. Tapware, door handles, towel racks, kitchen fixtures and fittings all in brass really make an interior shine and add a sense of contemporary luxury. Brass also ages beautifully, becoming more textural and bespoke looking the longer it’s used. With a shift towards a softer more feminine colour pallet (see more about this in point 4) brass is the most complimentary metallic hue and works beautifully as bathroom and kitchen fittings and fixtures.

3 . Bringing nature in > Again this trend isn’t exactly new, indoor plants have been all the rage for a couple of years now and rightly so. Not only do they look beautiful, bring a sense of freshness and life to a room they also help to purify indoor air, what’s not to love! What has been added to this mix is the embracing of all natural, organic shaped, earthy pieces to really bring a human scale and touch to your interior. Whether it’s made of stone, wood, feathers, shell or metal these elements will bring interest, texture and warmth to any space. The more twisted and gnarly that piece of drift wood and the larger that fallen dried palm leaf the better. You will have interesting, organic pieces that will beautify your space and for the most part are free! We will also be seeing a lot more use of natural wood in interiors, whether for window and door frames, flooring, ceilings, accessories or panelling this material is about to make a huge resurgence. Adding warmth and life to a space this natural material will instantly beautify your interior. Also keep an eye out for natural fibres like wicker, jute, sisal and rattan, they are also going to be used a lot in 2020 to bring in texture and warmth to spaces.

4 . Add a little pink to your life! The last few years has seen a mostly neutral colour palette with greys and blacks forming a backdrop to allow copper metallic fixtures to really pop. This colour palette will still be popular, it’s a classic and classics never really go out of style, however we will be seeing a shift to a softer more feminine colour pallet with pink being the focus. Whether its soft pastel rose or dusty lilac pink, this colour range will be used not only for soft furnishings but for tiles, walls and accessories. Teamed with sandstone, soft grey and grey/green, pink will create an interior worthy of the latest cover of Vogue Living. Pink also looks beautiful against antique brass fixtures and fittings, another hot material for 2020 (see point number 2). Think back to the 1930’s pink bathroom reimagined in a contemporary and stylish way and you’ll get an idea of how this elegant and serene colour can be employed in your own new home.


So, there you have it, our top predictions for the coming year. If you are still unsure on whether the above trends suit your own personal style, then pop in to our Showroom or one of our Display Homes, and speak to our interior designer Anne or one of our Building and Design Consultants, who can help answer any design and decorating questions you may have. Our Showroom is located in Smeaton Grange and our Display Homes are based in Marsden Park, Gledswood Hills and Edmondson Park. So, drop in and get busy designing and decorating! Happy 2020!


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