It is easy to get down in the dumps in winter, longing for the warmer months. People, especially Sydney Australians who simply do not know how to deal with cold weather, lock themselves inside, hiding from the elements until the sun decides to come out and play. Danes on the other hand do not do this, they in fact cherish these colder months thanks to Hygge. Pronounced Hue – Guh, it is a concept of warmth, cosiness and ultimate comfort.

“In other words, what freedom is to Americans. . . hygge is to Danes,” Meik Wiking says in his book The little book of Hygge.


As Hygge Is more of a feeling than anything else there isn’t one thing or style you can follow in your home in order to achieve it, it will likely be different for everyone, however what stays the same is the undeniable cosy sensation that brings a smile to your frozen face, increases happiness and overall contentment and makes you appreciate the cold weather. It is that warm comfortable feeling that makes you grateful for the present moment.

How the Danes achieve Hygge in their homes:


  1. They burn more candles per person than anywhere else in Europe. Turn off those harsh lights and let candles light your way and calm you down with a scent that appeals to you.


  1. Their homes always seem to be draped in beautiful woollen blankets and throw pillows.


  1. Danish style is very minimalistic, definitely no clutter, keep it simple and reduce the stress levels related to the sheer amount of stuff you have lying around. Keeping things orderly and presentable is a great way to feel content in your home.


  1. Fill your spaces with items that tell stories. Hygge shies away from consumerism so you shouldn’t shy away from surrounding yourself with unique pieces that really mean something.

There are many ways in which you can achieve Hygge in your home this winter. Fill your beautiful house with things that bring you warmth and joy and try to enjoy the moment rather than wishing it was over.

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