We are currently seeing quite the shift in home design for 2019, while the sleek Scandinavian, white and light style has been all the rage for years with variations here and there, 2019 seems to be the year colour comes back along with bold statement pieces, organised chaos if you will with its roots in sustainability. If your confused I don’t blame you, it can be a hard concept to grasp so I have gone ahead and listed the stand out trends below.


  • Dramatic art deco light fixtures; the 70’s are back baby.


  • Rich moody colour pallets; think mustard yellow and emerald green.


  • With that said millennial pink is definitely still a thing and it’s not going anywhere (breathes sigh of relief).




  • Standalone tubs and bucket sinks.


  • Sustainability: long lasting, good quality, sustainably sourced and produced items that will last for years. Buy less, spend more is the 2019 mantra.


  • Minimalism. Don’t worry you’re not alone, Marie Kondo has brainwashed us all.


  • Big, bold plants, anywhere and everywhere (within reason, let’s not go crazy).


  • Indoor spaces merging with outdoor.


Applying current design trends to any home can be tricky and applying them all…completely unnecessary, however as sustainability is trending it is becoming easier to create a timeless home with in-style features that you will love for years.

You can brighten up an entire space with one or two minor changes if done correctly, so pick your favourites and implement them slowly. Creating a space you love often means building it up over time and holding out for items you adore, rather than settling for something, almost there but not quite right.

If in doubt ask the experts, consult the magazines or better still, visit one of the Kaplan display homes and evaluate what works for the spaces you are creating and watch your dream home come to life.

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