We’re all different. For a start, most of us are not as cashed-up as the Kardashians. I’m like chalk and cheese with my family. They’d rather have the world’s biggest TV and I’d rather sink into a big bed with a good book. So, when it comes to luxury, it’s very much a matter of taste. Not just yours, but that of your partner and family – even when they’re wrong! Contact Oran Park luxury home builders today.

What’s your idea of luxury?

The first step to getting the luxury life you want on a realistic budget is to work out what luxury means to you. Writing out a list of priorities is a good start. For me, luxury means feeling warm in winter. But until I wrote that down, even I wouldn’t have thought that R4 insulation would be on my list of luxury items. It’s not exactly gold taps, is it? Yet my partner runs hot and cares far more about ducted air conditioning; so, we’ve got both heating and cooling on our list.

Kaplan Homes Bed Ensuite

What is your idea of Luxury?

Saving where it counts

Saving energy is a great way to save your budget for other luxuries. You can save up to 40% on your energy costs by orienting your house to catch the winter sun and avoid the summer heat. A design with overhanging eaves will shade windows in summer and keep the worst of the winds off them in winter. Solid core doors have thermal properties that hollow doors just can’t match.

Choose a builder with a BASIX Energy Efficiency Certificate included in your house and land package. Good house design is all about saving energy costs, and making efficient use of water to keep costs down, leaving you with more budget to spend on luxuries.

Light and space

For many people, luxury is having space, but the trick is to get the right amount for you. I, for one, don’t want four bathrooms if it means I have to clean them all! I don’t want an open plan room so big that I need an intercom to call the kids for dinner.

I do want to live in a space that feels generous and comfortable, and for me, that means a house that maximises available light. A light-filled house is my idea of luxury and close to the top of my list. What’s on the top of your list?

Generous, comfortable and inclusive space makes for great home life.

Flexible floor plan

A good house designer is skilled at designing flexible floor plans that tick all the boxes. Remember the movie The Castle? That family adored the pool room. What does luxury mean for you when it comes to your ideal floor plan? Do you need a home office? Do you want somewhere separate for the kids to play, or integrated into the open plan? Spend some time discussing this with your family. When they come up with an idea that you like, smile and tell them: “That’s going straight to the pool room!”

“Add it to your list! You’re creating a tool that will help you design your idea of a luxury life on your budget.”

Do you love to cook Asian food? Then it makes sense for you to have a stainless-steel gas cooktop with a wok burner. Maybe you’d rather eat pizza, and for you having space for an outdoor entertaining area with a wood-fired oven is your idea of luxury. Add it to your list! You’re creating a tool that will help you design your idea of a luxury life on your budget.

If you’re starting with a house and land package, the fantastic thing is that you have a clean slate. Armed with your list of what a luxury life looks like for you, you can choose a floor plan that fits. Try to find a builder who is flexible with design options so your unique personality can shine through in your dream home.

You deserve a quality builder you can trust – and to have it all!

Kaplan Homes is known to deliver more bang for your buck without compromising on quality or service. Their list of luxury inclusions that don’t break the bank is generous – the most generous list of luxury inclusions at no additional cost. Always do your homework and compare builders. You need to find someone who you can trust, and someone you enjoy working with. They are going to be responsible for delivering a luxury custom home to you on your budget.

Kaplan Homes outdoor living

Hmm, I see a spot for the pizza oven!

In the end, you may not be a cashed-up Kardashian, but I think that kind of bling is very over-rated. Gold taps are not my idea of luxury. Give me a perfectly-designed warm house, with winter light spilling in, where I can relax while my children play happily together – now that is my idea of luxury.

Especially with a good book!

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