For Mariam Chaudhry, it all started with a plot of land and a list of ideas for her dream home. Now, Mariam and her family are happily living in a custom-built home with generous inclusions, ideally suited to their needs and made to last.


Mariam Chaudhry wanted to build her dream home for her family but didn’t know what was possible with her budget. Kaplan gave her exactly what she was looking for – a beautiful, unique house, perfect for a growing family and custom built with no hidden fees. We talked to her about the process and what she loves most about her home.

Where did it all start?

“Two years ago, my husband and I started thinking about building our own house. We’d just had our first baby and knew we would quickly outgrow our little ground floor rental apartment.

“We’d already spotted a plot of land on a corner site – it was on a slope, but the position and size were perfect for us. We’d been saving for ages, but we didn’t know where to start – we’d never built our own house before!

“Lucky for us, we found Kaplan Homes. They took us through the whole process from start to finish, helping us develop our ideas and building a house that was perfectly suited to us,” Mariam said”.

What were your ideas?

“We knew we wanted four bedrooms and plenty of outside space. And we wanted a house that was going to last us for a long time. I think that’s what concerned us the most – we had heard horror stories about houses that looked good at the start but would quickly fall apart. We wanted a sturdy house that was built to last, and that included all the fixtures, fittings and finishes.

“We also knew we wanted it to be a one-off creation that reflected our family personality. And obviously, the price was a factor. We thought that a solution that gave us all this at an affordable price was impossible. But that was before Kaplan came along and made our dream possible,” she told us.

What was the process for a custom build house?

“We purchased the land and Kaplan took us through the options. We were building entirely from scratch, so everything was up for grabs. Together, we chose colours, design, size, layout and modified the inclusions to suit us. Once that was done, Kaplan managed the build. It was straightforward once we got started, and it was so comforting to know there would be no extra hidden costs at the end to surprise us – we knew upfront exactly how much we were spending. All we had to do was sign the paperwork,” Mariam explained.

What was it like to work with Kaplan?

“They were fantastic – our project manager was very thorough, always in communication with us – especially with any wet weather delays. It took all the worry out of building our own home. In fact, the house was ready to hand over to us way ahead of schedule – above and beyond what we were expecting,” said Mariam delightedly.

What was the result?

“We were so excited to get the keys to our very own home! The finished product looked amazing, and we’re still incredibly happy.

“We have our dream home – a place for the kids to run around and a home in which the whole family can thrive. The finishes look very stylish, and I know that it’s all built to last – made with quality materials in the hands of a skilled team. We’ll be here for many years to come.” Mariam confirmed.

What are your favourite things about the house?

“I love it all, but it’s the little finishing touches that show care; the tiled wall niche in the shower where I can tidily keep my shampoo and conditioner, and choosing Australian made Westinghouse appliances over a cheaper overseas alternative. You can tell they’ve considered the people who are going to live here.”

Would you recommend Kaplan Homes?

“Absolutely! They did an outstanding job and were a pleasure to deal with, from the first meeting at their display home, all the way through to completion and handover. It’s such an easy process, especially because all the inclusions are in the upfront cost – it gave us peace of mind right from the start.

“The communication was excellent and they kept us informed every step of the way. We gave them the task of building a dream home for our family, and they did a great job. Thanks to the Kaplan team it was possible for us to have our lovely family home.” Mariam said.

Talk to Kaplan today about your dream home. Maybe they can help your dreams to come true too – just like Mariam Chaudhry and her family.

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