You can live the luxury lifestyle and have it all, it all starts with building your dream home from scratch. At Kaplan Homes we have a track record of creating tailor made, one-off creations that are affordably priced and deliver on quality every time.


Buying a home impacts your finances, lifestyle and everything in between. Like many, you might believe it’s best to get any property to break into the tough Sydney housing market and use it as a stepping stone until something better comes along.  For this reason, you may want an established home instead of building one from scratch. At Kaplan we believe it’s a better idea to build from scratch – starting with the fact that it will allow you to enjoy the luxury lifestyle without having to wait until retirement to do so. Kaplan homes are built for individuals and families with unique wishlists, and we have the most generous list of inclusions compared with any other builder. Here are a few more reasons worth considering.

You’ll save money

Finder.com.au recently crunched the numbers to evaluate whether it would be cheaper to purchase a mid-sized family home or build one in one of Australia’s major cities. Taking into consideration the concessions you might be eligible for on stamp duty as well as the First Home Owner Grants you could apply for, building comes out as cheaper in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Most of the calculated savings exceed $200,000 and if you choose the right custom builders you could end up saving even more.

You’ll actually like living there

With the cost of property being so high, many people only think long-term when buying a home. While it’s important to have a home that will appreciate in value, you also need to enjoy living in it until then. A custom-built home gives you flexibility in design and floor plans and lets you integrate the latest home design trends into your surroundings. You won’t have to spend a cent on costly, complex and time-consuming repairs and renovations and will just need to maintain your living space as the years go by.

Think you will enjoy living here?

Wondering about that luxury lifestyle and how to get it?

Now that you know that building is a better option than buying, how can you kickstart the process? You’ll need to look for a builder that can provide benefits over other builders. The team at Kaplan Homes specialise in custom builds for individuals, with an emphasis on saving money and completing the job on time. If you want to create the home of your dreams that will give you a good return as an investment and as a place to put your feet up and entertain, then you’re in good hands if you choose Kaplan Homes.

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