Everybody’s got different tastes. Take eggs for example – some people like scrambled, some like poached. Some people even like sunny side down. The point is that we all have our individual preferences and that’s why the world is an interesting place.

So it’s strange to expect that our home owners will want exactly the same design for their home as everyone else. That’s why we offer a flexible design at Kaplan – so your ideal home is a true reflection of your family’s tastes and preferences. We ask you to work with us to achieve a stylish design that’s unique to you.

Say hi to your expert custom builder

Work with a builder to get all your inclusions just right. There’s no drama here because it’s all built into the process – something that is traditionally out of scope for most home builders. We understand you have a vision of your perfect family home – you’re a person, not a number. Our experienced builders will take your personal wishlist and create it for you, using the very latest design techniques and premium materials.

Kaplan expert custom builder

Kaplan’s experienced custom builders are on hand to help with your particular requirements.

We’re not like the others

We’re different too – we’re not like other home builders who charge for what should on most occasions be already included. With us, many of the extras that other builders charge are already included in our price. So if you want shaved truffles on your boiled eggs, chances are that they are already included in our Luxury inclusions.

A flexible plan

Say you want house A with the Alfresco from house B. Where other builders would find this a tricky proposition, we’ll sit down with you and look at all the different options to build your vision. Subway style splashback tiles in the kitchen? No problem. Perhaps a skylight for extra light and space? Easily added. Resort styled bathroom? We got this. Flexibility is already worked into the plan.

It’s not only about fixtures and fittings – our floor plans can accommodate whatever suits your lifestyle. For example, do you work from home? If so, we can arrange for your home to have a quiet study, so you can get down to work in comfort.

Luxury inclusions

You also have the choice not to decide. There are many luxury inclusions in our house and land packages that are perfect all on their own. From practical items like reticulated termite protection and R4 glass wool insulation to elegant design touches such as high gloss polyurethane kitchen doors – all this is included without you having to think about it.

High gloss polyurethane kitchen doors are part of Kaplan’s Luxury Inclusions.

Good design and smart decisions

Of course, there’s more to owning a home than just making it look pretty (although that is very important). There are also very practical considerations, like the orientation of your house to ensure that it captures the morning or afternoon sun in winter and stays cool in summer. Or, keep off the summer heat with some window shades to live in cool comfort. Decisions like this could help you save 40% on energy costs. 

We’ve created a process for building your home that is strong enough to be flexible. Realising your vision for the perfect family home with all the items on your wishlist is only a conversation away. Your smart decisions combined with our stylish, functional design will give you a beautiful cost efficient home. 

Choosing Kaplan will leave you with more money to spend on life’s little luxuries, like a long lazy brunch.

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