There’s never been a better time to build the home of your dreams from scratch. You could be eligible for a $10,000 First Home Owner Grant if this is your first home, and even if it isn’t, research by Finder reveals that building a home in Sydney can be up to $359,591.50 cheaper than buying one. So where in Sydney should you be building? We recommend you select Western Sydney, and here’s why:

Better infrastructure

Getting to and from Western Sydney is set to become easier than ever before with the construction of the Badgerys Creek Airport as well as the Sydney Metro railway system and Parramatta light rail. This means those working outside of the area will soon be able to commute with ease. The area is already well connected and has great access, and this will only improve for residents.

Better culture

A culture and arts district will be created with the move of the Powerhouse Museum to Western Sydney. It will be complemented by the addition of a new planetarium, learning spaces and exhibition halls – this new investment will have a positive knock-on effect, improving the lifestyle offering for residents, with plenty more cafés and restaurants, community activity venues and sporting facilities popping up.

Kaplan Homes – Powerhouse Museum to relocate to Western Sydney

The Powerhouse Museum will completely relocate to stunning new premises in Parramatta, and will be the largest museum in NSW when doors open to visitors in 2023.

Better prospects

With Google looking for a new location for its Australian headquarters and Amazon looking at building a second fulfillment centre in Western Sydney, job prospects are set to increase, which will bring growth and diversity to local communities.

Better views

You don’t have to look far to explore the outdoors in Western Sydney. Not only is it home to the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains National Park, but you can also explore the Hawkesbury River region (complete with another World Heritage listed area) and the area’s many other national parks including Nattai National Park and Lake Burragorang that feeds into Warragamba Dam.

Western Sydney has so much to offer, and this list is just a taste of what is available. We can’t think of a better place to call home.

Kaplan Homes – Wentworth Falls – Blue Mountains National Park

The beautiful Wentworth Falls. Part of Blue Mountains National Park is a short day trip away.

Better rates

What you pay monthly for essential services impacts an area’s affordability. Research shows that Sydney residents spend significantly less on rates like water compared to those from Queensland, Victoria and Melbourne. Better transportation systems also mean that the cost of commuting is much lower. So perhaps moving interstate isn’t the better option!

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