Where some builders will charge thousands for extra luxuries, Kaplan homes have generous inclusions as standard. Here’s 10 of the best.


As the old song goes, ‘you can’t always get what you want’. But is it always true? Personally, I don’t think it is – building a home with Kaplan proves that you actually can get everything you want. It’s possible to have a brand-new family home, complete with a generous list of inclusions for zero extra cost.

Building a home with Kaplan will save you thousands on the extra items that make a house a home. Where other builders will charge you big bucks for every additional tile or handle, Kaplan keep it simple with one cost right up front. You get exactly what you want, all customised exactly to your tastes and preferences.

So, what exactly is included with a Kaplan home? Let’s go on a tour of your brand-new home to find the top 10 inclusions that will cost you nothing.

1. Air conditioning

Whether your family runs hot, cold or neutral, you can keep it cosy or cool with air conditioning as standard in every home. We use Actron Ducted Air Conditioning – it’s energy efficient and has more super smart technology than you can poke a USB stick at; a trusted brand more than capable of coping with the challenges of the Australian climate.

Kaplan Homes Actron aircondition control panel

Hot, cold or anything in between with Actron aircondition.

2. Insulation

And while we’re on the subject of energy efficiency, your home will have R2 insulation for all exterior walls for extra thermal comfort. That’s more than the standard requirement which means you could save big on your energy costs.

Kaplan Homes – Roof Insulation

R2 insulation is used on all Kaplan home builds.

3. Stacking doors

Take a stroll into the lounge, and enjoy the natural light. In the warmer months welcome in the fresh air by opening the stacking doors to make your indoor living area part of the outdoors. Stacking doors (and fresh air) are both included in the upfront price.

Kaplan Homes Sydney example of custom built home

Bring the inside and outside together with Kaplan’s stacking doors.

4. Security alarms

When it’s time to close the doors, we know the security of your brand-new home is essential. Security alarms with LED screen as included as part of the deal to give you complete peace of mind.

Kaplan Homes home security alarm panel

Modern security included.

5. Stainless steel gas cooktop

Carry on through to the kitchen and feast your eyes on the appliances. It’s possible to cook up a quick and delicious stir-fry for the whole family using the stainless-steel gas cooktop. Sound good? It doesn’t end there – also included is an offset WOK burner, an electric ignition and flat trivets for easy pot movement.

Kaplan Homes Westinghouse cooktop

No need to pay extra for quality.

6. Westinghouse appliances

Australian, locally-made and built to last, all of your appliances are from Westinghouse. Did we mention that this is all included?

Kaplan Homes Westinghouse oven

How about a quality Westinghouse oven to go with the cooktop?

7. Luxury stone kitchen benchtops

Let’s just hang out in the kitchen for a little longer and admire these stunning stone benchtops. Not only do they look elegant, but they are also tough; able to withstand even the most brutal of recipes. You’ll also find the same material in the bathroom.

Kaplan Homes stone benchtop

Stone benchtops that can handle anything your family can throw at it.

8. Flick mixer tapware

See the tapware? Functional and good-looking, all the tapware in the house is flick mixer with a stylish Gooseneck feature. You don’t have to pay extra for that either.

Kaplan Homes flickmixer gooseneck tap

Elegant gooseneck flickmixer taps are included.

9. Power sockets

Something you may not have noticed is the power sockets. Not exactly the most beautiful of feature but still very important. Do you remember how annoying it is when there isn’t one available? Very annoying! You won’t have to worry about any of that with your luxury home – there will be two very convenient power sockets in each room. No extra costs involved here either.

Kaplan Homes kitchen power socket microwave space

Thoughtfully place power sockets. Often overlooked.

10. Walk-in wardrobe

Walk into the master bedroom and keep on walking – right into your walk-in wardrobe. The ultimate in luxury. No longer will you pick out your clothes only to find they are wrinkled from being squashed into tiny wardrobes – think of the time you’ll save on ironing. How much extra do you have to pay? Nothing.

Kaplan Homes walkin wardrobe

The ultimate in luxury.

So, there you go – 10 luxury inclusions at no extra cost. Where other builders might charge you thousands for every additional detail, we don’t work like that. Choose the right home for you, work with us to make it unique and we take care of everything else. Who says you can’t always get what you want?

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