Do you find yourself longing to stay in rather than go out? When you think about how much time we spend working and commuting – time spent at home becomes a luxury! With new home delivery dining services now able to take care of your every whim without you having to set foot outside your doorstep, there’s never been a better time to transform your home into a haven, to escape the stresses of modern life. If you’d like to make your home a tranquil oasis, here are some design tips worth following:

Let the sunshine in

Did you know that a change in season, as Summer transforms to Winter, reduced sunshine can actually impact your mood? Up to a third of all Australians develop the winter blues as nights get longer and days shorter. This can make you feel sleepy and lethargic, even in your free time. The best cure for this is a natural one – sunlight. A home that is designed to include as much natural light as possible will keep you happier, more productive and alert. Large windows and skylights lighten up your home the natural way and can radically change the mood of your interior rooms from a sombre dark space to a bright sun-filled oasis.


Kaplan – Light filled patio


Embrace the darkness

While natural sunlight is essential during the day, there comes a time in the evening where you need to start winding down and preparing for sleep. When our bodies are exposed to darkness, melatonin is released, which aids in sleep. However, bright lights and even ambient lights from screens can all disrupt this process. Research shows that for the best rest, you need exposure to bright natural light in the day and dimmed lighting at night. Create pools of ambient lighting in the evening with accent lighting, stay away from harsh fluorescent light sources and opt instead for warm, soft lighting that can be dimmed.

Get outside

Despite living in one of the most beautiful places on earth, many of us don’t get to enjoy Australia’s natural environment on a regular basis. Thankfully, even a small garden that can be tended to every other day can have a positive effect. A study by the University of Queensland and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions reveals just 30 minutes a week spent in a garden or out and about in nature will boost one’s mood. So why not set aside time to focusing on your indoor plants and/or your garden?

Get out in the garden

Get out in the garden

Making the above improvements to a home can be costly. Thankfully when you purchase a Kaplan home, you’re buying one that can be customised to your exact specifications, making relaxation effortless from the moment you move in.

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