When you’re thinking about building a new home, how can you envision something that meets all of your practical requirements while still looking and functioning as an attractive living space? Display homes are the perfect solution to this problem, as they allow you to visit different houses and get a feel of what’s comfortable for you and your family. Display homes provide a realistic and practical look into what’s possible when designing and living in your dream house.

It’s one of the best ways to finetune the layout and design of your new home as it shows you exactly what it would be like to live in it, in a way that a brochure or 3D model just can’t.

When visiting a display home that features a similar floor plan and design to what you may want to build, here are some things you should look out for which could impact your future build.

Flow and Functionality

Look at the rooms, and where they have been designed in relation to each other in the house. Are the bathrooms too far from the bedrooms? Is the kitchen designed functionally? Will visitors have to walk through intimate rooms to reach the backyard or any other shared space?

Orientation and Land Features

Does the home’s design allow for natural lighting and natural airflow? Will the house be cool in summer and warm in winter? Is it energy efficient or will you end up spending money on heating and cooling? A home needs to be built for your comfort in all seasons.

The Quality of Construction

A custom-built house is great, but only if it’s design and build are durable and solid. Make sure the model home is built well, even if it isn’t fully functional – don’t be afraid to open and close cupboards and doors, examine gutters and ask questions about anything you’re concerned with.

Display homes are a great way to ensure in a tangible, realistic way that you will be happy living and functioning in a house designed the way you currently think you want it to be.

When looking at display homes take notes and make sure to pick up brochures and floor plans along the way. Don’t be afraid to talk to the experts either, get the information you need in a friendly and informative way. Kaplan have a highly skilled sales team who are more than happy to answer any and all of your questions, they can calm your nerves and help make the experience a positive one. The clearer you are on the results you want, the quicker it will all come together. Why not plan a visit to one of Kaplan Home’s display homes in Edmondson Park, Gledswood Hills and Marsden Park today?

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