Australia is one of the warmest countries in the world, but we all know that our winters can be brutal. Most homes are designed for optimum coolness to ensure comfort during our long, hot summer months, but this can make staying warm and comfortable in winter a losing battle.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Kaplan Homes can customise your home so that it’s luxuriously comfortable all year round. Here’s how:

We let the light in

Soaking up the sun’s rays (in moderation) in winter is essential for both physical and emotional health. When the sun’s rays are weak and we don’t get enough exposure to sunlight because we’re huddled under blankets and beanies inside, there’s a real risk of developing a vitamin D deficiency and a lack of natural sunlight can really effect your mood. Symptoms include fatigue, moodiness, depression and a weakened immune system.


Kaplan Living Dining Skylight


Installing skylights and large windows are an ideal way to increase the amount of natural light entering your home and beat the winter blues long-term.

Skylights and roof lights are easy to install and can usually be placed in any room of your home. You’ll use less electricity as you won’t need to have as many lights on when the days are grey and dreary.

We know that air conditioners make the ideal heaters

With the gloomy days of winter comes the need to heat your home, and there are many great options on the market, but we believe ducted air conditioners are the best option for luxury homes.

Kaplan Homes Actron aircondition control panel

Hot, cold or anything in between with Actron aircondition.

They’re safer. Heaters that use gas and oil can emit hazardous fumes, but because air conditioners are powered by electricity, there’s no risk of that. The danger of a child getting burnt by a free-standing gas or electric heater is also eliminated, because, of course, air-conditioners are ducted and safely out of reach of little ones.

They’re budget and eco-friendly. It’s a common assumption that air conditioning units consume the most power and contribute the most to your energy bill. But it all depends on how and when you use your air conditioning unit, and what model you have.

Opt for an energy-efficient model, such a reverse-cycle air conditioner, which can be up to six times more efficient than older, standard models.

Whether you’re renovating or building, Kaplan Homes’s flexible floor plans mean you can customise the design to meet your exact needs. We’ve got the expertise you need to create a home that’s perfect in every season. Email or call us today.

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