Owning a property is a great investment; whether it’s a cute apartment or a spacious-sized abode, nothing beats having a home to call your own. Some lots are fairly easy to build and won’t pose any problems when choosing designs for your home. However, a few lots or blocks can pose challenges like sloping and sewer easements for example. Then there are corner block designs, for which there are a few factors to take into consideration.


What makes corner blocks special?

Certain features make corner lots unique and offer greater scope for more creative corner block house designs. Some of these include:

–  Double street view: With an ordinary lot, you get one street view. With a corner lot, you get two! The increased frontage allows you to make more of an impact with the architecture of your home. Remember that a corner block makes your home visible from more than one angle so many corner house designs have two facades. If you love expansive street views then a corner block home is for you.

–  More than one access point: Having a corner lot often makes multiple access points possible when considering design. Owing to a wide frontage and having two street views, you can have more than one entry point, gate, garage and even driveway. Having more than one access makes things more convenient for you and your family. 

If you’re running a home-based business, two separate access points and two different addresses (since your lot is located between two streets) will make it easier to separate your living space from your business space. Larger corner lots can accommodate a big garage or work shed with separate access to the street and the home.

–  More garden space: If you enjoy gardening, a corner lot would be perfect for you as it allows more space and light for your plants and to showcase that verdant green lawn and your well manicured garden. The doubled frontage equals more opportunities for creative garden design, if you’re a keen gardener then a corner block will definitely give you the space for that expansive front garden you’ve always wanted. A lovely garden with nice landscaping can actually add quite a lot of value to your home so having a corner lot will definitely give you the advantage here with its increased garden space.

–  Ample natural light: Being located on a corner, you have the opportunity to make the most of natural light. In addition to having lots of sun for your front garden, you will not have to use as much artificial light inside the house during the day. Plus with one less neighbouring house potentially blocking the light, that extra privacy is another bonus.


What may pose a challenge

While there are clear positives to owning a corner lot,  it can also come with its own set of drawbacks with the main one being:

–  Minimum setbacks:  The purpose of a setback is to ensure that one structure does not breach another structure’s right to adequate ventilation, vehicular access, greenery, and sunlight. The minimum setbacks refer to the size of space required from the rear, front, and sides of a home or building that must be adhered to. The specifications differ from one location to another, depending on local council regulations. While minimum setbacks are necessary and apply to all lots, they do tend to limit corner block house designs and size due to the often irregular shape of the corner lot. Pizza shaped corner blocks are one example of an irregular shaped lot.


Kaplan Homes’ Corner Block Designs

Highly skilled and experienced home builders like Kaplan have floor plans that are specially designed for corner blocks and will make the most out of the available land space:

If you still don’t think any of these corner block floor plans are for you then some of our other designs such as the Brighton 25 can be modified to suit a corner lot, depending on the location.

We are master builders and take pride in designs that showcase the uniqueness of a corner block creatively, which will help make your future home an attractive landmark in your area. Get in touch with us today to get started on your corner block statement home.


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