Both time efficient and cost-effective, knock down rebuilds have emerged as a popular solution in suburbs of Sydney. Though renovating an existing home might seem like a simple alternative, they come with a huge risk of disruptions, construction problems, and most importantly, unforeseen expenses, all of which can be avoided with a rebuild.


The costs associated with knockdown rebuild depend on a wide range of factors like the size of the property, design, and complexity of the project. Here’s everything you need to take into account if you’re considering a knockdown rebuild.


Assessing average cost to knock down and rebuild 


Demolition Costs 

 The demolition cost depends on several factors such as the location, access to the site, neighbouring structures, removal of hazardous substances (asbestos), underground structures, buried hazards, temporary fences or trees, and more. The exact demolition cost will be finalised only after all the work is done as there may often be old building material buried under the site. The overall cost often includes additional requirements needed for demolition, such as council approvals for demolishing the house, surveying, and soil testing.


Site costs 

The site costs are a set of expenses that are incurred when you build a new home on particular land. The fee might be significant and some of the common elements of site costs include:

  • Adjusting the location of utility services (electrical, gas, stormwater, or the sewer)
  • In the instance that the land is a sloping block, proper levelling of land
  • Concrete slab tailored according to the land
  • Zoning requirements, additional parking and traffic management

To get a better understanding of the expenditures involved in the construction of knock down rebuild you can check here.


Additional costs 

 Based on the council rules and regulations, additional costs might be involved if you’re building the house in a bushfire, heritage site listed, or flood zone.

Being a trusted home builder in Sydney, Kaplan comes with a comprehensive knockdown and rebuild tender that incorporates


  • Compliance check to ensure the dwelling remains in compliance with the authority of building controls.
  • Site inspection for assessment of upfront issues that would save you from expensive surprises.
  • Floor and site plan showcasing the house layout following authority requirements, easements, and service locations.
  • Contour survey to accurately check the cut/fill needed for the house’s platform and site expenses.


Ready to knock down and rebuild?

Create the home of your dreams with Kaplan – an industry leader with a proven history of constructing stunning homes within every budget. We have over 90 designs to suit land of all shapes and sizes and we can modify our existing designs to fit on your land if required. Having built hundreds of new homes in established suburbs, we are among the most trusted knock down rebuild specialists in Sydney. Best of all, building with Kaplan means you’ll be protected by our Big 4 Guarantees including Lifetime Structural Guarantee. This also includes our No More To Pay Guarantee, which protects you from the unforeseen site costs that often occur during knock down rebuilds.

Connect with Kaplan today if you are planning to get an accurate estimate on the costs of knocking down and rebuilding homes in Sydney!

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