A lot of soil, clay and rock (called spoil in builder’s speak) is often dug up while preparing the site, especially if the land has a slight incline or decline.

Is the cost of removing and disposing all the excavated spoil included in the price quoted by your builder?

Lots of builders charge this as an extra cost and won’t mention it until the spoil is dug up and awaiting disposal. The spoil can only be disposed of at legally approved locations and often requires heavy machinery to move. Kaplan factors this into the construction so it’s all included in our quotes.

In the video below, land that looks flat to the eye actually needs to be excavated to a metre at its deepest for the site to be horizontally level. A 1m deep cut might not sound like much, but you can see that digging over the area of a house-sized concrete slab that’s hundreds of tonnes excavated material.

Removal of this much spoil is a big job and not cheap. You can see from the video that there’s truckloads of it being taken away. Also bear in mind that this is just the spoil from the levelling and there’ll be more material to be dug up from the concrete piering and trenching later on.

Don’t get caught out by this extra cost when picking your builder. Ask them if spoil removal is included in their quotes like we do here at Kaplan.

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