You’ve done it, you’re in the process of building your dream home and now it’s time to design the layout, pick the wall colours and add all the little features that make up a home, but your worried that your current tastes and lifestyle preference, that you are currently building your home around aren’t going to be suitable for you and your family in 10, 15, 20 years’ time.

Below lies a list of ways you can make sure your dream home grows with you and not against you.

Multipurpose Living Spaces

Think about how your family is going to grow, whether that be more children, toddlers becoming teenagers, teenagers becoming adults, pets, relatives moving in and out or simply your own needs adjusting with time. There are so many ways families can grow and change and that is important to consider when making the big decisions that are difficult to remake. Multipurpose living spaces are a fantastic way to plan for the unexpected and ever changing tastes of each member of your family.

Flexible Storage Options

Stuff accumulates over time, there’s almost no way around it, it happens. As a result, it is always wise to go big when it comes to planning your storage spaces, in this instance bigger is better. Get creative and find ways you can incorporate extra storage in your home that can be tucked away out of site and out of mind so you can enjoy your living spaces freely, without the clutter that often occurs when you don’t have enough space to place all your family’s belongings, this is especially relevant when it comes to children.

Be Selective With Your Big-Ticket Items

I’m not saying you need to spend a fortune on appliances however I do think it is wise to really think about the spaces and features that will be getting the most use and invest in items that will last for years without the need for constant updates and repairs. Kitchen, bathroom and laundry appliances as well as flooring are properly the rooms and materials that demand the most thought in this area. This is your forever home so select items that are strong enough to stay with you for years to come and are less likely to give you any grief along the way.

Smart Homes Are The Future

With smart homes becoming more and more popular and technology continually improving, it’s important your home is tech friendly. While you certainly don’t need to wire your home to make every aspect tech smart, it is a good idea to ensure that if that is something you decide you want to do in the future, your home is able to accommodate.

Houses can be alerted, adjustments take place and full-scale renovations are a popular concept. However, it is always nice to create a home where those things aren’t necessary, simply because you’ve thought ahead and created a timeless space for you and your family. Kaplan Homes are experts in home design and can answer any of your questions regarding future proofing your dream home. Why not visit one of our display homes to see how you can ensure your home is your sanctuary for years to come.

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