It’s the little things that make a house a home. And the generous inclusions of a Kaplan custom build create a unique dream home. All at an affordable price right from the start and no hidden costs at the end.


Close your eyes and imagine you’ve just come home from a long day at work. All you want to do is kick off your shoes and relax. Now, I want you to make a list of all the little luxuries that would make your house a haven from the world; the things that would give you some everyday comfort. How about the rest of your family; what would make their life that little bit sweeter?

Finished? Ok, let’s see how many items we can tick off your list in our luxury house and land packages in Gregory hills. And don’t worry about the cost for the moment, we’ll get to that later.

A welcoming space

Opening the door to your home should bring a smile to your face and contentment to your heart. Warm in winter, cool in summer and every temperature preference in between (there’s always one awkward family member who’s colder than everyone else), an air conditioner provides instant comfort. All Kaplan homes are fitted with energy efficient Actron Ducted Air Conditioning so you can relax at the right temperature.

I expect plenty of natural light is also high on your list. A sun-filled space created by Kaplan’s skylights and large windows welcomes back the family every time they return, giving everyone a sense of wellbeing.

“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower” – Hans Christian Andersen.

Relax and let the house do the work for you

If your dinner time is anything like my family’s, it’s pretty chaotic. If so, having ‘modern appliances’ near the top of your list is not a luxury; it’s a must-have. Kitchen equipment that works when you need it makes a huge difference to a hectic life. Kaplan homes all contain Westinghouse appliances – Australian made and maintained.

Here’s one for you: a stove top cooker with an offset WOK burner – was that on your list? Maybe it should be – you can quickly cook up healthy dishes for the whole family. Again, all included in the custom build.

And this ease flows right through your home; from the walk-in robes in the bedroom to the sliding shower doors and big ceramic sinks in the en-suite bathroom. Isn’t it great when luxury is also functional?

Kaplan Homes walkin wardrobe

An organised wardrobe space, or just a place to throw your stuff and close the door. However you view it, its a luxury.

Style with substance

Now, what kind of design is on your list? Ceramic tiling and a fresh coat of paint for starters, but Kaplan also gives you bedrooms with thick carpets and stylish stoneware benches in the kitchen and bathroom. And these are just a few of the options – tell us about your personal style, and we’ll make it happen.

And let’s not forget the outside. With a custom build you’ll have a versatile garden with plenty of space for kids and pets to run around, ideal for wearing them all out. And of course, you’ll need a garage for your car and all your gear.

An affordable dream home

It’s nice to dream about a luxury house where the whole family can thrive, but isn’t it expensive? With a Kaplan home, the advertised price includes all the luxury items. And the great thing is, everything is flexible to suit you and your family so that you can create a home tailored to your preferences.

We can promise you there’ll be no hidden extras and or surprise costs. Just a beautiful, affordable, custom built family home to suit you. Isn’t that top of everyone’s list?

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