You want to build the home of your dreams, but your budget’s telling you that you can’t afford it. If you can relate to this feeling, then you’ve been working with the wrong builders! There are affordable luxury home builders out there, and at the top of the list is Kaplan Homes. We guarantee you that what we offer as inclusive in your Kaplan home, others will charge you big bucks for – so why spend thousands on another builder when you can get it free with us? Our generous inclusions are the key way to make your budget go further. Here are just a few that will save you thousands.

1. Protection From Pests

Termites are a common problem for Australian home owners and if you’ve invested in wood or timber finishes in your home you might be at risk. Termites can destroy furniture, insulation, skirting, doors, architraves, flooring and electrical fittings, causing power failures and expensive damage. Kaplan Homes offer a super structure package that includes reticulated termite protection to the entire perimeter of your home, and you’ll receive a certificate to add to your peace of mind.

2. Environmentally Friendly Garden Management

With water being a precious resource, we need to preserve it and use it responsibly wherever possible. With a Kaplan Home you don’t have to forgo watering a garden as we’ll install a recycled water tank and tap to dispense recycled water right to you – no additional filtration, piping or connection devices needed.

3. Paint to Last a Lifetime

Kaplan Homes Taubmans 8-in-1You’ve spent ages looking for the perfect paint colour for your home’s walls. It only makes sense that you’ll want it to last as long as possible. Many home builders will include painting, we do as well, but we don’t cut corners. We don’t rough spray walls and ceilings (even though it would be quicker), rather using a traditional roller for the best results. We also use a two-coat system that combines a tinted sealer and a full colour coat for a superior finish and added longevity. Best of all, the paint we use is Taubmans ENDURE 8 in 1 multi benefit protection that comes Nanoguard technology is wash resistant, stain resistant, anti-microbial plus Asthma & allergy friendly.

With every Kaplan home we build, we pay attention to detail. Each inclusion strategically adds to the enjoyment of your home, saving you thousands of dollars while adding infinite amounts of convenience and pleasure. We’ve only listed three of our many inclusions here. To find out more about the rest, contact us directly today.

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