This year, interior style is all about putting individual touches on your home. Here are 15 home design trends to inspire you, many of which can be found when visiting one of our Kaplan display homes.


Explore this year’s most exciting design trends to help make your new house feel like home.

1. Australiana

Celebrate all things Aussie bush, with a contemporary twist. Bring this look to your home by combining olive green, burnt red and rusty terracotta tones, with light wood furniture, soft textured furnishings and a vase of native flowers.

2. Rich colour

Vibrant colours are making a comeback for kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. If this appeals to you, ditch the coordinated colour scheme and fill your home with bold, contrasting colours, textures and materials.

3. Romance

If the romantic look appeals to you, it’s time to embrace patterns, like large-scale florals, and opt for dark tones like burgundy and charcoal grey. You can add a touch of luxe with brass or marble, and ornate features like embellished mirrors.

4. Luxurious textures

With our wide range of luxury inclusions, you’ll find this trend comes naturally in your new Kaplan home. Add to the opulence and give your home a warm, cosy vibe with layers of soft furnishings in colours like ruby, sapphire and emerald green.

5. Fashionista

This style is simple to achieve. Simply stick to a crisp black and white palette, then add some bling and a few pops of greenery. Nail the look by having your clothing, accessories and jewellery out on display.

6. Terrazzo

This ancient material is making its way into furniture and inspiring designs in rugs and carpets. If you want to capture this look, try adding touches of pink and earthy-toned terrazzo, especially to your bathroom.

7. Minimal Calm

If you like to live without clutter, this trend is for you. Opt for textured walls or wallpaper and choose blues, greys, greens and beige tones instead of white. With our clean lines and generous storage this calm vibe comes naturally in a Kaplan home.

8. Brown

Brown is warm, inviting and versatile – and bang on trend in 2018. Warm up your home with paint or furniture in friendly, earthy shades, like almond and beige.

9. New nudes

Earthy red and pink shades are the new neutrals this year, and you can pair them beautifully with leather and dark-toned accessories. Consider dusky pink walls and add splashes of red in your furniture and accessories.

10. Sanctuary bathrooms

There’s no better way to add opulence to your home than by adding a luxury, resort-styled bathroom or ensuite. Combine this with extravagant features like walk-in wardrobes (an inclusion with any Kaplan home) and your master suite will become your own private sanctuary.

11. 1980’s resurgence

Many of the looks from the 1980’s are making a come-back – think bold-coloured carpet, corner bathtubs and shower curtains. Just add soft-focus lighting to complete the look.

12. Homewares delight

If you prefer the mix-and match approach you’re totally on trend. Go for mismatched feature dinnerware and add scatter cushions, bowls and small sculptures to give your home a free-flowing rustic, Boho-chic style.

13. Furniture with form and function

This year, concealed storage is taking a back seat. Turn your storage into a design feature by opting for freestanding cabinets and adding glass doors to your cupboards.

14. Cabinetry with character

Add small touches of character to your home with funky cabinets and feature handles. Oversized or elongated wooden knobs, for example, work equally well in kitchens or bedrooms.

15. Eclectic furniture

Ditch the matching suites and stamp your own style on your home with all your favourite pieces. Bring together bean bags, comfy chairs and luxurious sofas to make your living spaces fun and cosy.

With so many gorgeous trends at your fingertips, you’re sure to find one (or more!) you love for your own dream home. Visit one of our Kaplan display homes to inspire your new home design.


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