Wanting to build a home rather than buy an existing house? Building your own home is a great way to ensure you have the perfect floorplan to fit you and your family’s needs. There are so many benefits to building. You’ll be the first to live in the brand new home and by not buying a used home you get to choose what you want, like floors, paint colours, carpets, hardware, cabinetry, etc. That’s right, you have OPTIONS to make your home your very own!!

If you’re planning to invest in Sydney’s lucrative real estate market or you dream of owning a picture-perfect home equipped with luxury features, then display homes are definitely worth a visit. Display Homes built by reputable builders help you envision the home you have in mind and also helps to inspire ideas for your home décor.

However, before you plan your visit to a newly constructed display home in Sydney, here are some things you should consider and take note of:

Visiting the best display homes in Sydney made easy

Display homes are model homes constructed by a new home builder to keep modern and advanced features on exhibit. A few tips can help make the most of your visit to display homes in Sydney. It’s a good idea to make notes of all the questions you have prior to visiting a display home and read our Insiders Guide to Avoiding Building Industry Tricks on our pricelist page.

1. Know your priorities
Start by understanding your priorities, such as the size of the home, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms required, the layout of the kitchen and any other additional spaces or features required. Ask yourself, does this display show the exact rooms and space you’ll need? Does it have all the features that you require? Will there be enough room to accommodate a growing family or extended family?
Having a clear idea about the things you expect to see when visiting luxury display homes will help you determine whether you’re visiting the right display homes or the right builder. With so many to choose from it’s good to list your expectations before choosing who to visit so you can narrow down your choices. Making a list of your expectations will help guide you in finding exactly what you’re looking for and also help you avoid getting too distracted by the shiny new display homes or being led astray by slick talking sales staff. Usually when visiting a display home, staff will be there to help guide you through you experience and help answer any questions you may have. At Kaplan we have experienced building consultants at our display homes to help answer any in depth questions. If you already have land to build on, they will be able to determine which house designs will fit on your land, explain any technical requirements and answer any questions about the process of building a new home.

2. Decide on a budget
To avoid disappointment, it’s crucial to know your budget when visiting display homes. You can contact a mortgage broker, bank, or other financial solution providers to set a realistic budget for the purchase prior to visiting a display home so that you have an insight of what you can afford without getting your hopes up on a home over your budget.
Remember, having additional funds in case of an unexpected interest rate rise is a good idea. Visiting luxury display homes in Sydney will give you a good idea of whether your budget is in line with what you have planned.
Once you have your eye set on a home, make sure to ask about any promotions or inclusions that are offered with your home. You would be surprised at what may or may not be included. It could range anywhere from a home security system, ducted air conditioning or even essential items such as flooring. At Kaplan, our 7 Star Luxury Inclusions gives you luxury features without having to pay more to upgrade. In fact we have more luxury inclusions than any other Sydney builder when comparing like for like items!

3. Focus on location
Once you’re happy with your priorities and have a budget or loan approval ready, the next and most important factor is the location of your new home. Will you want to stay within the city to access public transport, school, and other facilities, or are you up for living in the quieter suburbs, away from the jostle of city life? Never overlook the importance of location, community and transport options.
Another thing to note for – is your land location in an area that is serviced by your home builder? Some builders don’t build in certain areas, so its best to find out if your land is in an area that your builder will build on. Ask your consultant what their build zones are. Some builders like us have preferred building areas – see our build map. We do build outside these zones, however these projects are determined on a case by case basis and we’ll need to assess your land first.
If you do not have land to build on, especially these days where there’s a land shortage, builders like Kaplan have House and Land packages. We are always looking for ways to make buying experiences easier for our customers. You can look on our website to find what packages we have available but its always best to visit our display homes and chat with our consultants. There are often house and land packages that are unlisted and we also can find land for you through our industry contacts to put our homes on. We have ways of making it happen!


If you’re looking for a home that ticks all the boxes, consult Kaplan Homes – as professional builders with decades of experience and hundreds of happy customers, we make the process of building a new luxury home a simple and hassle-free experience. Come see us at our display homes when you’re ready and we’ll help you build your forever home or a worry-free investment property. All our homes are built with our Lifetime Structural Guarantee as part of our Big 4 Guarantees.

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