Want to see how we build our houses? Then check out our new YouTube series where we show you all the stages of building a house. And not just any house – a Kaplan Home of course!

Our first video shows the very start: breaking ground to level the land in preparation for the concrete slab. Watch it below and turn the captions on if you find the machinery getting too loud. Read on if you want to know why we decided to shoot the series.

We decided that it was important to show the construction step by step because building a new house is a very daunting journey for many people, there are just so many things involved. We hope these videos will help demystify this and reveal the whole process from start to finish. We’ll explain what’s going on and why so that you can have a clear idea of what happens when your own home is being built. We also want to show the many pitfalls and traps that may occur during construction and what to look out for.

A house consists of many interconnected parts and any oversights in the design, defects in the quality of the materials and/or workmanship at any stage will affect the quality of the build in the later stages. We absolutely understand this and monitor the projects entrusted to us with the same care as if we were building our own homes. You can be sure that your dream home built by Kaplan will last.

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