Looking to build a brand-new home? Want to make the house of your dreams a reality? Then you may have already started looking for display homes near you to get an idea of how your house will look once it’s built and to assess potential homebuilders.

Before searching for display homes on Google, explore magazines and websites to get information about builders and the type of house you’re looking for. You’ll find plenty of sites showcasing floor plans, bedroom sizes, virtual tours and mock-ups. Once you have gone through all this information, you can make a shortlist of the display homes to visit.

Pro tip: The options from all the different builders out there can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get lost with all the available possibilities, leading to confusion and potential cost blowouts. Do lots of research and draw up the full list of features and requirements you’d like your new home to have. Then go through each feature one by one and separate them to either ‘must-haves’ and ‘nice-to-haves’. This is the time to get input from family and friends and to have a frank discussion about the needs vs the wants for your new home. Then rank each item from the two lists in order of importance. Going through this process usually helps you to focus on what’s really important for the new home and will help you make better decisions when faced with so many choices. If something has been designated as essential at the end of this process, then don’t compromise! Remember, you’re building a home from the ground up – this is a rare opportunity to get your home exactly as you want it. It’s your home and you’ll be living with any shortcomings if you weren’t careful with your selections. Having the two ranked lists will help a lot if you ever need to decide whether or not to keep a feature or item in order to stick to your budget.

Once you’ve established the features and look of your dream home, it is time to find the best display homes near you.


How do I find display homes near me?

Buying and building a new house is a massive investment, which is why it’s important to visit display homes to get the feel of what the future home will look and feel for you and your family.

Even if you think you know of all the display homes in your area, it’s a good idea to still do a search on Google for display homes in your area. There may be a display home near where you live or close to where you work that you weren’t aware of. If you have some spare time after doing the shopping, open up your Google Maps app, type ‘display homes’ and hit ‘Search This Area’ – there might just be some hidden gems nearby.

Display homes are the finished products of a builder that help potential buyers get an idea of the design and features of the house. The also often feature some of the builders’ best work to show off what they are capable of and to wow potential customers. From the floor plan to the functionality, display homes are built and furnished to make your imagination come alive. They can help you assess how the floor plan flows and the overall suitability of the house to you and your family’s particular needs. There are numerous display homes in Sydney you can visit to discover your ideal home. However, if you’ve done your research early, then you’ll already have narrowed down the choices to your preferred builders and some suitable floorplans.

Kaplan Homes are leading home builders in Sydney, known for our incredible work for the past three decades. We’re known for our premium materials, innovative designs, luxury inclusions, craftsmanship, quality control as well as award-winning customer satisfaction. We’ve earned an unrivalled reputation in the market. We are one of only a few builders in Sydney to offer homes with Lifetime Structural Guarantee.

If you are looking for display homes in Sydney, visit the Kaplan Homes website and browse the 100+ designs to suit almost all land sizes, shapes and budgets. Our floor plans have been specifically designed and scaled to fit real world furniture layouts. Some builders don’t – ie they draw the furniture much smaller in the floorplans than in real life, making the rooms look a lot bigger than they are. After these homes are built, the customers get an unpleasant surprise when their lounges, TV cabinets and coffee tables don’t fit like it looks on the plans. Yes, this happens.

You can view all our display homes online through a virtual tour to get a better sense of their features and layout, at any time on your phone, tablet or PC. We’ve even got virtual tours of all our previous display homes, so there’s a range of different designs for you to explore. Once you’ve previewed our homes via the virtual tour, you can start visiting display homes in person!


Final Takeaway

There’s lots of display homes in Sydney, in fact too many to visit if you don’t have tons of spare time. If you do your research, narrow down the essentials and balance out the nice-to-haves, you’ll be able to keep your focus on what’s important for your new home. Always make sure to choose a trusted and reliable builder with a long-established reputation. After all, most of us will build a home just once in our lifetime.

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