Almost everyone dreams of having their own home on their own land. However, making the dream a reality means that, aside from having to find the plot, you also have to deal with developers, builders, architects, the local council, interior designers, and more. Whether you’re building your first home or are opting for a knockdown and rebuild, here’s a handy guide to help determine how much it might cost you.


What goes into determining the cost of building your home?

When it comes to building homes, two homes are never the same. There will be differences in the design, the nature of the land, orientation, and many other considerations to take into account. The following are some common factors that will play a role in determining the cost of building your home:


The size of the home

What are your plans for your home? How many bathrooms and bedrooms do you want? Do you want a large house? A big garden out front and a yard at back? The size of your dream home will play a crucial part in determining the cost of the build.


The builder

If you are planning on going with one of the best builders in Sydney – like Kaplan Homes – you will have over 90 designs and various fixed price options. You can always browse our website for price and style options available. For most builders in Sydney, a lot of the final cost of the build will depend on your choice of upgrade options. At Kaplan Homes our 7 Star Luxury Inclusions means that you’ll be getting features that many other builders charge as upgrades so there’s no need to pay extra, that’s our No More To Pay promise.


The timeframe for the build 

Just how much time will the builders have to complete your project? Some factors can be beyond anyone’s control like freak weather incidents or delivery supply issues due to late deliveries. When the unfortunate happens and the new home construction goes beyond the planned time, costs will usually blow out accordingly as well. How much compensation will the builder pay for these extra expenses incurred due to them going over the timeframe? Kaplan Homes have a build time guarantee as part of our Big 4 Guarantees to protect you from extra costs if we go overtime.


Design or type of home

Will you be opting for a turnkey home, luxury home, project build or are you going for a fully customized design? Having completely custom designed home will increase the cost and lengthen the build time. There is also the increase likelihood of unforeseen issues due to the unproven nature of custom designed structures. At Kaplan we no longer do fully custom designed homes anymore, however many of our current floor plans can be modified if the design allows, eg converting a theatre room to an extra bedroom. Some of our designs come have multiple options available for you to configure the home to your requirements.


Location of your property

Building cost can be impacted by things such as property or land with a slope or one set within a very narrow block. There are also considerations like state or council requirements when building.

If you’re considering building your own home, consult with the team at Kaplan Homes in Sydney, who provide the current fixed pricing for various types of homes on our website. After an initial consultation for a knockdown and rebuild project, we normally charge a $500 fee for completing a proper land assessment and professional survey. The majority of that amount will go towards obtaining plans from authorities like the local council, land authorities and Sydney Water as those plans are not free.


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