Spring – who doesn’t love this time of the year? The days get longer and warmer, we peel off all those winter layers and throw open the windows both literally and metaphorically to welcome a sense of new starts and fresh beginnings.

So now that the temperature is rising and the sun is inspiring us to become more active, why not take some time to clear away the old winter clutter and prepare your home to welcome spring and the fresh start that this brings?

The team at Kaplan have prepared a few tips on the simple, affordable things you can do to give your home a spring clean and create a brighter and more natural look and feel for the warmer months.


Throws are an instant way to change the ambience of a room. Substitute wool and faux fur throws for lighter materials, this gives a fresh look to your living area. For example in your bedroom, pack your heavy blankets away into vacuumed sealed bags and change to breathable materials such as cotton and linen, which are not as warm but will still give you a cosy, homely feel.


Simply changing your pillowcases can dramatically switch the mood of your living spaces. Green is THE ultimate colour for this season, representing nature it freshens up any space, but this is not the only colour you can use to this effect.  Soft pink, warm yellow and tones of blue can be easily incorporated into the pallet. Spring is the season of colour so don’t shy away from exploring different colour palettes in your home. Be brave! Get creative!


They have the power to brighten up your mood and bring a sense of luxury and beauty to any space, so make good use of this season to enjoy displaying them around your home. There are many options out there, from simple indoor flowering plants to beautiful, exotic and bold flower displays, so choose an arrangement that brightens up your space and in invites the outdoors in. Apart from beautifying a space, plants help regulate humidity and clean up the ambient air, so make sure you don’t skip this simple step in your spring clean and refresh.

Now that we’ve given you a few insights, it’s time to put the above and your creativity into practice. If you already have a Kaplan home, we know you have plenty of space and flexibility to play around with. In case you want more than a simple spring refresh and are looking at building and decorating your dream home, call us today and one of our experienced team members will answer any questions you have.

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