Whether you’re building a brand-new home or knocking down an old building to rebuild, there’s no doubt that it’s a big investment. So when searching for a company to build your home with, you will need passionate professionals to create your dream home at every step of the way. Because a worthy business should pay equal importance to the quality of products they use and the values you wish to nurture.

After budget and land requirement considerations, when deciding on a design, it’s best to draw inspiration from many sources. For example, Pinterest and Home or Living magazines, are great sources to inspire ideas. Not only would you get an insight on home décor, but also ideas for innovative special planning.

Research and find insightful ideas that will inspire you for smart planning. Become invested in your design, so that when it comes time to start the process, you’ll know exactly what you want and what you want to achieve.

Digital brochures

Almost all dedicated home builders in Sydney will maintain an online brochure. No matter where you are, you can explore more about the newest designs right from the comfort of your own home (or phone if you’re out and about). Digital Brochures are a great way to expand your knowledge of a builder’s inclusions and the type of designs they have to offer. It’s a way for a builder to showcase what they have to offer and what they stand for,  it’s important to become familiar with your builder’s brand and what they can do for you. Digital Brochures with the each house design’s floor plans and facades, are a great starting point to discovering which design is best for you and our family’s needs.

You can download our latest home design brochures to get started with your house hunting on our Publications Page.

Take a virtual trip

Reputable house builders in Sydney will often have their display homes in new land estates and adjoining areas. If you have a piece of land, have a tour of at least some of the homes so that you can get an insight on what would fit on your block of land, or to get an idea of what your future home may look like on your block. You can go for a virtual tour right while sitting at the comfort of your own home. So, whether you are looking forward to building a cosy nook or a sprawling home, there’s a design for all homeowners. You can also explore display houses as per your personal preference. So, if you’re looking for a home with modern amenities, then you might want to check out homes that have:

  • Separate living spaces.
  • Open living areas, for everyone mingle is especially important in family homes.
  • Spacious entertainment areas.
  • Dining spaces.
  • Guest rooms with their own ensuites.
  • Ground floor bedrooms for elderly.
  • Ensuites to every bedroom for ultimate convenience.
  • Plenty of storage areas.

Virtual tours are there so that you can better plan your wants and needs for your family’s everyday lives. For example, Open Family floorplans are a great way for families to congregate together and enjoy each other’s company. Or perhaps if your more of a (I need my space) type of person, then you may want to consider separated living spaces so that you can still enjoy quality and quiet time to yourself with that delicious cup of coffee while your little ones are in the rumpus room enjoying their morning play.

So, explore all the possibilities with virtual tours, so that you can create an image of what your everyday may look like. You can take an online tour of all our display homes right now on our Virtual Tours Page.

Get inspired!

Go online and check out social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. They are the newest treasure trove of design inspirations. So many ideas and inspirations to choose from. Not only do they offer ideas, but sites like Pinterest, offer blogs so that you can read other’s journeys with their building aspirations. They offer advice, and what to expect during your journey in building. You can also gather information from sources like:

  • Magazines featuring projects from leading house builders.
  • Bloggers with a carefully curated selection of options.
  • TV entertainment such as ‘Fixer Upper, The Block, Dream Home Makeover, Flipping out, etc.’

Take notes of all your design inspirations that you would like to see in your home, so that you can discuss with your builder and begin the steps of building and designing your dream home.

Final considerations

No matter what your budget may be, the best home home builders in Sydney will strive to ease the stress of creating your one-of-a-kind place. As we’re one of the most trusted and best reviewed Sydney home builders, we have a proven track record of building great quality homes on time and within budget, we deliver what we promise so you’re in good hands if you choose to build with us. If you’re in two minds about the go-to design for your property, our building team can fully guide you to a decision. Visit our display homes and have a chat with our friendly building consultants, they have lots if experience and excellent ideas that will help you choose a home that aligns seamlessly with your everyday lifestyle and suits your land, if you have your own block already. Consider all the possibilities, do your research on what you envision for your home, and most definitely do come and discuss it with us!

We’ll help nurture those seeds of your dreams and turn them into your reality.

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